Balanced Fashion is a combination of science and art - the clothes and accessories we need, and the way we express who we are individually and socially, how we feel, how we wish to communicate. Fashion communicates values and tastes, thoughts and ideas, form and function, how we work, how we play, and sometimes, just fun.

In Balanced Fashion, we understand what we are currently missing in fashion – a balance between ethical and material aspects of wearing.

The industry has been out for decades and believes that today, along with the Global it is the time to build a new, more sustainable, healthier, and ethical balanced fashion that utilizes technology, innovative approach to fashion development, creates space for experiences and collaboration, and promotes conscious consumption.

Most people I knew were dressing with no interest in their appearance, so fashion then for me meant taking a vested interest in something. From age 14 until 16 fashion was about this personal wear and tear on quality clothing. Once I discovered, fashion then took on another meaning, which was to form an identity convenient to my world view and my priorities in consumer life, centered on high-quality sourcing and unique labor methods of traditional Japanese garments. Fashion meant being part of something bigger, but not something obvious, which made it so thrilling and fulfilling to devote myself to the brand, almost religiously. Over time Fashion has again come to work as a medium through which I express who I am and what I value in life.

Balanced Fashion to me is a way in which I can express myself through my emotions and interests. Similar to a painter, I can use fashion as the blank canvas that the artist would begin with. Fashion represents freedom. It gives me the ability to move freely without consequence; moving from one outfit to the next. Fashion is constantly evolving, while style lasts forever. 

Fashion is an identity. It’s how I want the world to look at me. It’s putting on black ripped jeans one day and a shift dress the next because they both represent who I am. Fashion, like me, has the ability to change. It has the ability to start clean and fresh with simple fluctuations of mood. Fashion is an opportunity for anything to happen and anything to change. It is timeless and never-ending.

Fashion is my passion. It’s my drive. It's the things I see who inspire me. It's what makes my brain work extra hours. Hoping I will get to do it forever.

Balanced Fashion gives confidence. Being able to choose an outfit that encompasses who I am and how I want the world to see me is empowering. Fashion is also a social experience. It can bring friends and family together. Fashion is fun!